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Software for the Branded Merchandise Industry.

Inktavo’s family of companies develops software solutions that help print shops, promotional product distributors, and branded merchandise businesses succeed.

Who We Serve

Sell More Merch

From order to delivery, get all the tools you need to sell custom branded merchandise. InkSoft is the all-in-one eCommerce platform for branded merchandise businesses.

Online Stores

Launch and manage all of your e-commerce needs with InkSoft’s easy to use, feature-rich online stores technology. InkSoft Stores was built for businesses that sell custom branded merchandise, promotional products, and decorated apparel. With InkSoft Stores, you get all the tools you need to sell directly to consumers, groups, teams, schools, clubs, organizations, and companies.

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Interactive online design tool

Let customers design and order customized print, apparel, and promotional products online right from your website when it’s convenient to them.

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Quotes, invoices, and sales presentations

With InkSoft, you get all the day-to-day sales tools you need to quickly create stunning art approvals, quotes, invoices, and sales presentations sure to impress any prospect or customer. Simplify, streamline, and speed up the sales cycle by making the purchasing process frictionless, fast, and fun so you can sell more branded merchandise.

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Powerful order management

From orders to production and everything in between, InkSoft provides you with all the day-to-day tools to manage sales, customers, products, production, and e-commerce from a single connected workspace. Stay organized. Reduce misprints and mistakes. Watch productivity and profits soar.

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Organize and grow your print shop

Whether you need help with keeping track of jobs, improving shop communication, reducing costly mistakes, automating customer approvals, creating online stores, or help with scheduling, Printavo will help you grow your shop and increase sales.

Production management & job scheduling

Whether you need help with keeping track of jobs, improving shop communication, reducing costly mistakes, automating customer approvals, creating online stores, or help with scheduling, Printavo will help you grow your shop and reduce headaches.

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Online Invoicing, Quotes, and Approvals

With Printavo, you’ll spend less time creating and managing invoices, quotes, and art approvals, and more time growing your business.

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Simple Online Stores

Group ordering is now simplified! Create online stores in minutes. Perfect for group stores for team orders, fundraisers, company stores, and more.

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Purchase Orders, Automation, & Messaging

Work smart, not hard. Using Printavo, you’ll save time, improve accuracy, and reduce costly mistakes. With our automation and messaging tools, you’ll get more work done in less time.

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Modernize your art department

GraphicsFlow is the first industry-specific graphics productivity tool built for print, promotional products, and decorated apparel businesses.

Digital Art Approvals & Art Presentations

GraphicsFlow has all the tools you need to create, send, and manage digital art approvals and graphic presentations. From presenting design options and ideas to getting the final design sign-off, GraphicsFlow has you covered.

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Production-ready Stock Art Library

Unlock the power of graphics as a sales tool. Access the industry’s best, biggest, and growing library of professionally designed 100% vector-based design ideas, clip art, and fonts.

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Upload, Organize and Manage Graphics

Easy and secure access to your most important business asset: art content. Store, organize, manage, and access customer logos, graphics, and print files, all from an easy-to-use workspace.

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Online Art Portal

Artwork is the starting point for all print jobs, but it’s also one of the biggest roadblocks for shops. Clients bring you artwork from various sources, and sometimes that means low-resolution graphics or a licensed image they don’t own the rights to. Then, you and your team spend extra time either rebuilding the design or starting from scratch. GraphicsFlow Art Portal fixes this dilemma.

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Manage Your Sign Shop

SignTracker helps you run a better and more profitable sign shop. With workflow, quoting, and tasking tools, you’ll consistently deliver orders on time, delegate production tasks, and reduce costly errors with a system that keeps all your customer order information centralized.

Boost Your Sales

Keep track of essential lead details and land more sales with our user-friendly interface that tracks an order from quote through approval to pick up and helps you stay on top of follow-ups.

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Build Better Quotes

Get quotes in front of your customers faster with our tools that account for markups and profit margins, so you also know which jobs are worth your time. Plus, you can easily clone a previous order, which makes serving repeat customers a breeze. 

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Hassle-Free File Management

Skip the paper order forms and physical documents with our digital asset management tools. Whether that’s photos from a customer, production notes for your team, vector graphics, or other customer files, your team can access everything from one location. 

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Simple Scheduling and Production

Organize customer jobs by priority and volume, and delegate your team’s tasks with a fluid, easy-to-understand workflow.

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Our mission

Empower branded merchandise businesses to virtualize print commerce.

Decorated apparel shops make the branded products we love. It’s difficult to grow sales and manage thousands of custom orders using paper order forms, but that’s what most shops do.

Inktavo was created when Printavo and InkSoft were merged with significant investor support to create a best-in-class, all-in-one technology platform that automates essential operations at apparel shops.

By doing that, we can help those businesses thrive.

Meet Our Team

We’re a team dedicated to helping independent businesses thrive in an increasingly digital and competitive world.

Quick facts
  • U.S. Based
  • Over 150 team members and growing.
  • Over 100 years of combined print industry experience.
  • Over $5 billion in online orders and invoices processed.

James Armijo

Chief Executive Officer

Stuart Lodge

Chief Financial Officer

Piotr Biegaj

Head of Technology

Michael Wolf

Chief User Experience Officer

Chris Skerrett

Senior Vice President of Sales

Andrew Kent

Vice President of Sales

Renn Salo

Vice President of Payments

Lisa Foster

Vice President of Customer Success

Kendall Sours

Vice President of Marketing

JP Hunt

Head of Partnerships

Bruce Ackerman

General Manager, Printavo

Joe Arenella

General Manager of SignTracker