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Direct-to-Film Pricing Calculator

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Pricing direct-to-film (DTF) transfers requires the same sort of balance as other print methods– finding a price point that will net your shop a profit and a competitive price to keep customers coming back. And ideally, attract new ones. But DTF printing also has different variables than other decoration methods like screen printing since there are time considerations for things like prepping shirts, aligning transfers, and adding a cover sheet.  

If you’re looking for a more straightforward way to calculate pricing for pre-printed DTF transfers, try the Inktavo DTF Pricing Calculator.

Dtf transfers

We’ve collaborated with Supacolor, an industry leader in hybrid transfers, to build a pricing calculator that’s built for this decoration method.

Use this customizable spreadsheet to calculate essential factors like overhead, garment costs, and press time so you’re pricing DTF transfers to fit your business’s goals. 

Fill out the form to download your free copy today.

Need some extra help building your custom calculator? Check out our blog on how to price DTF transfers.

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DTF Pricing Calculator